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Autodesk Inventor Stand Alone Programs

Autodesk Inventor Standards



Created by Chris Palmatier

What it is: - This tool reads a Autodesk Inventor style library, displaying the standards and all the referenced sub-styles in a tree. Selecting a style in the tree populates a list of all the other styles in the library that reference the selected style. It also has a simple report giving the total number of references.

- This tool uses apprentice to look for your projects and list them to find libraries, similar to the way the Style Library Manager does.

What it isn't: - This tool is not supported by Autodesk (or anyone else for that matter ;), it's just something I fiddled around with to teach myself and figure out hot to parse XML.

- This tool does not look at IDW data, just library XML, so it's not a true "Where Used" tool.

- This tool is a viewer only, it does not edit the library in any way. It can't hurt anything because it doesn't change anything

- This tool isn't particularly fast. The brute force approach is not particularly elegant (I'm a product designer, remember ;), but it gets the job done. Load time is directly proportional to the size of your library

Download .NET Source Code for those that want to poke around in the code.

Which Autodesk Inventor Version



Created by Poul Skadborg

Paul made a handly little app that lists the versions of all the Autodesk Inventor files in a folder and its subfolders.

It is possible to exclude a selected version from the list.

I have used it after running the Migration Utillity. This way I get a very quick list of which files the Migration Utillity didn't migrate succesfully.

The application is just one single .exe file: - no installation required, just run it from anywhere - will not change anything on your system (registry, system folders, Autodesk Inventor files...)

Download WIV

Export Planer Geometry For Flat Pattern

Posted on the Autodesk Inventor Newsgroup as a Unsupported Addin

(Fast, easy and usually what a wire burner wants)
a) Select a face, any face including a flat patterns face, RMB and select Save Copy as
What you get is an AutoCAD file with no bend lines. Lines are joined into a polyline. Lower left geom is the origin

b) Select a sketch, (you could start a sketch and delete the lines you don't want), RMB and select Save Copy as
What you get is an AutoCAD file with all the lines in the sketch, sketch origin is the WCS

Download Export Planer Geometry