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Macros for Autodesk Inventor ®

Faces As PartRenderStyle

Have you ever downloaded a part from the interenet and found that every face on the part is set to some strange renderstyle. This simple little macro will change all those faces AsPart Renderstyle. Just copy and paste the following into your Default.ivb file so that it is always availible.

Public Sub Faces_As_PartRenderStyle()

    Dim oPartDoc As PartDocument
    Set oPartDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
    Dim oCompDef As ComponentDefinition
    Set oCompDef = oPartDoc.ComponentDefinition
    Dim oFaces As Faces
    Dim oFace As Face
    Dim oSurfBodies As SurfaceBodies
    Dim oSurfBody As SurfaceBody
    Set oSurfBodies = oCompDef.SurfaceBodies
    For Each oSurfBody In oSurfBodies
        Set oFaces = oSurfBody.Faces
        For Each oFace In oFaces
            oFace.SetRenderStyle kPartRenderStyle

End Sub



By Juan Carlos Becerra

A handy macro that can be used to add the overall material sizes to the Parts description property so they are displayed in the BOM.

Click here to view a PDF of the Functionality

KWiKBalloon Count


Simple macro to count how many of each Inventor Balloon Item you have on a sheet to make sure you have Ballooned everything

Color and Material Transfer


Same idea as the Organizer tool in Autoesk Inventor, but instead of one file at a time, select a source file and multiple destination files to transfer all colors and materials from the source.

Lets you select a Source Autodesk Inventor IPT file and Multiple Destination Autodesk Inventor IPT files. It transfer the selected Material from the source to the destinations and then sets it current.

Updated 09/26/05 to better handle a material already existing in the Style library.

Rename Browser

Author Matt Hutchinson



Matt has updated his wonderful Rename holes macro and now calls it rename Browser.

RenameBrowser renames holes, extrusions fillets etc (most Inventor browser > features)
Non 'hole' features are renumbered numerically
Any Inventor feature not requiring renaming can be commented out of the code

Material Selection

Author Stuart Penberthy


Stuart made a nice program to simplify setting up Autodesk Inventor materials and colors that he is graciously allowing me to share. Set the part to the Material you want, add or remove Materials from the document.

Hide Show


A couple of little macro's that change the visibility of all instances of a Autodesk Inventor component. One will do only parts on the Top level, the other affects components on all levels.

I find it useful for fasteners and parts that there is a lot of instances of. It is also very useful for Component arrays. Turn on or off all components in a array in one click!

Pick the macro, then start picking parts either in the browser or in the graphics window. If the part is visible it will make them hidden, and if they are hidden it will make them visible. You have to hit escape or choose a new tool to exit it.



Creates Autodesk Inventor sketch obrounds. The punch option measures from quadrant to quadrant, and the Mill option measures from center to center. It has some minor issues with angled slot dimensions. I will probably eventually clean up the code and drop it into KWiKShapes addin.

Sketch and Work Feature Visibilty


Also for working with Autodesk Inventor Skeleton type of files.

Most of it is pretty self explanatory, except the Unhide Select Unhide Select is a toggle button. When pressed down it will hide everything that is Visible and un-hide everything that wasn't.

This makes it easier to find and select what you want to unhide. As you select items they actually get turned off to continue to make it easier to find and select others. When done, toggle the button up and everything that started out Visible will be restored along with everything you selected.

The rest return to being invisible.

The checkboxes allow you to control what the buttons work on.

The Ruler

Author Nathan Rutman


Here is the program explanation from Nathon

The built-in measure tools in Autodesk Inventor are fine for getting perpendicular distances to planes and between points, but what about curved edges and surfaces?

I was frustrated by the lack of this ability, so this is my solution. It's a general-purpose measurement tool to get the closest distance between points, edges, and surfaces.

Feel free to use it for whatever you like; if you have any suggestions or bugs let me know.

12/19/02 Nathan removed the password protection so it is now open source.

Visibility Enable Ground


This is a little macro for hiding and showing parts, enabling and disabling and grounding them.

It was made because of a request in the AutoDesk Inventor Newsgroups by Orchdes.

Special thanks to MechMan for testing. The downside of the macro is it is a little slow in large assemblies expecially on the Reverse buttons.