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KWiKViewPartslist for Autodesk Inventor ®

KWiKViewPartslist is a addin for Autodesk Inventor ® allows you to create a View Based Partslist, that pulls it's QTY from a upper level assembly.

As shown below with the Inventor Sample parts from the Suspension folder.  The drawing view on the left is referencing Shock Absorber Front.iam.  The Drawing view on the right is referencing E-Clip.ipt.
I have used KWiKViewPartsList to make a partslist for each view, but I am referencing Suspension.iam to get the qty from.  The shock is showing REQD OF 2, and the E-Clip is showing a REQD of 12.
Placed Partslists

VBPL Tab (View Based Parts List)


First either click on the Browse Button, and use the file open dialog to select the top level assembly, or if the Assembly is already open in Inventor you can use the <Select Document> dropdown list.

Second Select the Type of Parts List you want.

  • As View
will make the Parts List only show the top component in the view(s).
  • As Parts
will make the Parts List show all Parts in the view(s)

Third click the Select View(s) button and select one or more drawing views.

Fourth Select the Process State (See Options Tab Settings for Overrides)

  • Process
Anytime the top level assembly is saved, the partslist will update
  • Defer Updates Session
Will keep Parts List from updating until the next time the drawing is closed and reopened.
  • Lock Defer Updates
Will keep the Parts List from Updating until the Defer Setting is changed

Finally click the OK button to place Parts List and close KWiKViewPartslist, or click Apply to place Parts List and keep KWiKViewPartslist Open.

Options Tab

Options Tab

Default Location

The box represents the border of the drawing sheet, and the radio button not on a border represents the top left of the title block. Selecting one of these will cause the Parts LIst to insert to that Location.

The Offset will allow you to adjust the insert point for things like a Double Line border.

Default Defer State

You can set KWiKViewPartslist to default to one of the three settings: Process, Defer Session, Defer Lock

Process Color
Defer Session Color
Defer Lock Color

By clicking on the box next to each of these, you can set the color of the Parts List frame. Use this for a visual aid in determining the Defer state of the Parts List.

Update on Open No Matter Defer State

If this is checked, when the drawing is first opened the Partslist will update.  The thought behind this is making sure the Parts List is up to date with Automated Printing or some other Automated process.

Delete Table if no Rows after Rebuild

If this is checked, if all the Components in a Parts List are removed from the top level assembly, the Parts List will be automatically removed.

Partslist Tab



The first time KWiKView Partslist is started, you will get a message about a problem with the text styles. All it means is there is no default Text styles set, and you will need to set them before making a partslist.

The first three Dropdown lists allow you to select the Text Style for the Title, the Column Header, and the Data.

Row Gap adjusts the row spacing around the text.

Title If checked will add a Title to the Parts List.

Direction Controls the numbering direction of the partslist

Heading Allows you to choose the location of the heading

Pencil Removes the selected row from Default Column Settings Table.

Clear Clears the Default Column Settings Table

Moves selected row up in Default Column Settings Table

Moves selected row down in Default Column Settings Table

Import button allows you to select a standard Inventor Partslist and extract its settings.

Apply button See Context Menu Information below

Save button saves changes you have made to the table into the Defaults to be used on all new Parts Lists.

Clicking on the blank area in front of a row on the Deffault Column Settings Table, brings up this dialog

Column Editor

When the dialog comes up it will have the information for the selected row.

You can change the settings for this property, or select a new property

You can change the heading text

The Column Width

The Heading text justification

The Value text justification

If you want a new column, you can choose to insert it above or below the selected item in the table, or to apply the changes to the selected item in the table.

If Custom is choosen in the list, you can then type in the custom iProp name you want to include.

Selecting a KWiKViewPartslist Parts List, and right clicking brings up these options.


You can change the tables Defer Setting without opening up the dialog.

You can choose to Update the Partslist no matter what its Defer Setting is.

You can choose to open the dialog. When you do this, KWiKViewPartslist opens to the Partslist tab with the settings of the currently selected Parts List showing.  If you edit the settings here, you can use the Apply button to apply the changes to only this partslist, and not change the default settings.

Try the program for up to 30 days.
If you decide to purchase, use one of the methods to make the payment.
After making the payment email me the registration request code, and I will use it to generate a license file for that computer and send it back.
You will then save the License file to the same directory the program is installed to and the process is complete.

Download KWiKViewPartslist 30 Day Trial

Revision Date 06/13/2010

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