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KWiKTools for Autdesk Inventor ®

KWiKTools is a collection of tools that I have been playing with for my own use.

I have attempted to clean it up a little in order that others can use it.
It is definitely a work in progress. It may get updated often, or not at all, depending on free time and my needs for improvements or new tools.

It is freeware, but as always if you find it useful don't hesitate to Donate to the starving programer :~)


Right click with nothing Selected and choose KWiKTool Settings

Centerline Angle Offset adjusts how far angle symbol is offset from centerline or centermark (see below)

Context Menu Location adjusts where in the context menu KWiKTool items show up. (dependent upon other addins)

From Bottom causes Context Menu Location to adjust from the Bottom.
Remaining 4 Checkboxes allow you to keep tools you don’t use from showing up in context menu.


The Symbols in the zip must be part of your IDW Symbols for the CenterMark / CenterLine Tools to work.

Select a Circular Edge and Right Click. Select KWiK Std CenterMark Angles
Adds a CenterMark, and the 4 quadrant angles

If a Centermark already exists, you can select it and right click. Choose KWiK Add Std Centermark Angles. Adds the 4 Quadrant angles to an exiting CenterMark

Select a CenterLine and Right click. Select KWiK Add Centerline Angle.
Adds a Degree Callout to one end of Centerline.

Select Above Custom Symbol and Right Click. Select KWiK Opposite End
Moves Symbol to Opposite end of CenterLine, and adjusts Callout to proper value

Right Click with nothing selected and Choose KWiK Find Balloon

Select a Top level number in the tree, Zooms extents, and all Balloons of that number will highlight, no matter if Highlight and Zoom To are checked or unchecked.
Select a second Level number, and if highlight is checked, that balloon will be highlighted. If Zoom To is checked we also zoom in on the individual balloon.

Tool Tips: Extracts the first 4 items from the Partslist, and if checked will show the values when you hover over a second level number.

If the value of a balloon is Overriden it shows with a red background.

If a balloon is Custom it will shows with a yellow background.


Select a Design View in the Browser, and Right click. Choose KWiKDesignView MultiCopy
Adjust Number of Copies to be made and select done or hit enter

Select one or multiple Design Views in the Browser and Right Click. Choose Toggle Locked.

If the DV was Locked it will be Unlocked. If it was Unlocked it will be Locked.

Select an Assembly part or subassembly and Right Click. Choose Suppress Constraints, or UnSuppress Constraints.

Download KWiKTools Freeware

Released 02/28/10

I have split out the IDW with the symbols needed to use the Centermark dimension tool.

Download CenterMark Symbols