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KWiKTimeStamp for Autocad Inventor ®

TimeStamp was originally written by Steve Krause, with the Help of Brian Ekins. His Addin and source code is still posted at Charles site

Here is Steves Original Information.

Last month I was asking here in customization about a way to do a date and time stamp to add to an .idw file. I cornered Brian Ekins at the AU a few weeks ago and he gave me some help. I now have something that runs well. With Brian's encouragement I am posting it to customer-files, calling it TimeStamp. It is written as an Add-in. When a Save or Save Copy As is invoked it gets the system date and time and feeds it in to a Custom Property, name TimeStamp, that I have added to my title block and it gets placed on the drawing. To use this program you need to add a Custom Property to your title block and then install the Add-in.


Along with converting it to run on 64 bit systems, I have added the ability to set the date and time format to your liking, along with the ability to select your Locale.

After Installing you will have a new menu item on either the Tools Dropdown, or the Addins Tab called KWiKTimeStamp.

Clicking it will bring up this dialog.


In the top Text box you can enter strings to change the output of the time stamp. If you click on any of the rows in the listbox to the right it will add populate the text box with that value. At the bottom of the form the Red text displays how the output will appear. There is a link to a Microsoft web site that details some ways to format the values.

The combo box dropdown, allows you to select your Locale. The bottom Text box allows you to select your own name for the custom iProp that gets generated at every save. Simply reference that iProp anywhere you want to add a Save Time Stamp.

Download KWiKTimeStamp Freeware

Revision Date 02/15/12
Made to Run in IV 2009 & some changes in FirstTime call