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KWiKSert_64 for Autocad Inventor ®

KWiKSert_64 is a addin for Autocad Inventor ® that drastically reduces the time it takes to constrain  multiple copys of a item with insert constraints such as nuts and bolts. 

Some quotes from customers.

"I'm just simply amazed that year after year kwiksert type functionality is not built into Inventor. It is the best addin and a huge time saver. I use this everyday multiple times a day..."

"I also cannot believe this isn't standard functionality already built in..."

"Why this isn't part of Inventor is one of the most dumbest things in the world. This tool is SO handy its crazy."

"It's one of those add-ins you use for the first time and think, "You're kidding me - Inventor can't do this on its own?"

"Then use Kent Keller's excellent KwikSert to drop and constrain multiple copies of the fastener subassembly into place."

Dialog starts with Select Bolt button selected

Simply select the circular edge of the component you want inserted.

Once the bolt has been selected, the Select Hole button will automatically activate.

Simply select the edge of a hole you would like the bolt inserted to.

At this point you have two options.  Continue selecting holes and inserting more components, or choose the Select Face button.

If you choose the Select Face button, you can then select a planar face and every hole with the same hole size as the first selected hole will populate with the bolt component.

The Solution Buttons allow you to change the insert type from opposed to aligned.
The Offset textbox sets the gap on the insert.

The Faces checkbox  prompts you to select a base face, and then you can start selecting faces of other parts to constrain to the base face.  Similar to the insert, but it doesn't add the parts automatically.
If you decide to purchase, you can use the Buy now button on the form, or go to my web site where it is easier to purchase multiple seats.
Once you have paid, use either the Email or the Save to Text button.  I have had some issues with the Copy Clip and people copying the text out of the window, so please avoid those methods.

Try the program for up to 30 days.
If you decide to purchase, use one of the methods to make the payment.
After making the payment email me the registration request code, and I will use it to generate a license file for that computer and send it back.
You will then save the License file to the same directory the program is installed to and the process is complete.

Download KWiKSert_64 30 Day Trial

Purchase Page

Current version
Released 05/29/10
Fixed new bug created in when copy and pasting a component it would only insert the copied one.

Fixed issue when Windows Show File Extensions was turned off

Made form sizable, fixed issue if windows was set to hide file extensions, it would not insert parts.

Fixed issue with Derived Warnings not turning off.

Fixed some issues where some extruded holes would not insert, also fixed issue where some sub assembly's would only insert the selected part, and not the whole sub.