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KWiKPrints32_64 for Autocad Inventor ®

KWiKPrints32_64 is a addin for Autocad Inventor ® that makes the chore of printing to different size paper and different printers much easier.  You can define up to 32 buttons that store the print information you want. 


Start by setting Button Qty. to how many unique printer setups you need.

The button Dropdown list sets which button you are making changes to.

The Set to Current button attempts to populate the dialog with the last print you did in Inventor.

The Paper Size dropdown lists all availible pre set sizes along with Custom.

If Custom is selected, then you can imput Width and Height values for the paper.

You can set Scale Mode, Number of Copies, Color settings, Orientation Settings, and which sheets to print.

Paper Source, in most cases will be 15. If that doesn't work, you need to find the value from your printer documentation, or use the Set to Current button to attempt to read the proper value.

The Printer dropdown lists all  availble printers for you to select.

Below the button Qty you are able to set your own tooltips for each button you create.

You can choose to use the Most Recent Used (MRU) button style or the Standard button style.

Clicking the Register Button brings up this dialog.


If you decide to purchase KWiKPrints32_64 you can use the Buy Now button, or go to my web site where a it is easier to purchase multiple seats. 
Once you have paid, either use the Email Registration button, or Registration to Text File button and then email me the text file.  From that I will create a license file for that computer and send it back. To complete the process you will need to save the license file to the same directory that you installed KWiKPrints32_64 into.

Print Buttons one through 4 have numbers over the printer. The icons by default are put in
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Macros\KWiK\KWiKPrints32_64\Icons
You can replace these icons with your own, but you must maintain the naming of the files.  I would also suggest that you also keep the 32x32 and 16x16 dimensions of the images the same.

Buttons 5 through 32 all use the remaining icon without the number in it.  Changing that image would consiquently change any buttons you add above 4.

Try the program for up to 30 days.
If you decide to purchase, use one of the methods to make the payment.
After making the payment email me the registration request code, and I will use it to generate a license file for that computer and send it back.
You will then save the License file to the same directory the program is installed to and the process is complete.

Download KWiKPrints 30 Day Trial

Revision Date 03/25/2010

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