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KWiKInsertNFix_64 for Autocad Inventor ®

KWiKInsertNfix_64 is a addin for Autocad Inventor ® that eases working with Skeleton or Master sketch assemblies. It allows you to multiselect parts and assemblies, set if they are to be adaptive or reference, and if you want them inserted grounded or with the origin planes flush mated to the assemblies origin planes.

It also allows you to select existing parts in the assembly and with one click either ground them to the origin, or flush mate their origins to the assemblies origins.

If you like Master sketching this program is a huge time saver and nearly a must have.

KWiKInsertNFix Main Dialog

Brings up the File Open dialog to Select Inventor files.

Starts the insert process with all files shown in the table

Exits KWiKInsertNFix_64

Select components either before or after clicking will ground them to the origin

Select components either before or after clicking will flush mate them to the origin.

Moves selected table row up one row

Moves selected table row down one row

Removes selected row from table

Clears Table

Checkboxes in table allow you to set components adaptivity, and reference values, and choose between inserting the components grounded at the origin, or with origin planes flushed to assembly origin planes.
Clicking on column headers sort by that column.


Grid Settings allow you to adjust the appearance of the table.

  • Control how the columns and rows are sized
  • The border appearance
  • The size of the icons in the table
  • If Headers are displayed or not
  • The Grid color
  • The Background color
  • The Font
  • A default button to set it all back to as shipped.

You can set the Text Color and Back Color on both ipt files and iam files to help quickly differentiate them.

Save Last Used Folder checkbox will cause the Open File dialog to open to the last folder you inserted parts from

Auto Close after Run checkbox will cause KWiKInsertNFix_64 to close after all files have been processed

Leave Files List checkbox will leave all files in the table as they are inserted into the assembly

Write Debug checkbox will write a log file of errors that will help me debug if there are any issues.

Display Columns section allows you to choose what coloumns to show in the table on the KWiKInsertNFix tab.

The slider on the right side will adjust the opacity of the form.

Transparent checkbox will cause all white areas to become transparent. Unfortunately it makes selecting some controls difficult.

In the Table you can set what checkboxes you want selected by default.


The About tab gives you a link to my web site and to email me.
If you choose to purchase you will need to either use the Email Registration button or Registration to Text File button to send me the information I need to generate a license file for your computer.  You can either use the Buy Now button or go to my web site where there is a shopping cart for single or mutlti seat purchases.

Please note all prices are per seat.

Try the program for up to 30 days.
If you decide to purchase, use one of the methods to make the payment.
After making the payment email me the registration request code, and I will use it to generate a license file for that computer and send it back.
You will then save the License file to the same directory the program is installed to and the process is complete.

Download KWiKInsertNFix 30 Day Trial

Revision Date 01/05/2010

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