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KWiKBatchRun for Autocad Inventor ®


Folder Button
Allows you to select a folder full of Inventor files

File Button
Allows you to multi select individual Inventor files

IVB Button
Allows you to select macro (ivb) files

Macro Dropdown
Allows you to select a specific macro to run on the files

Remove Rows as Processed
Will remove all files from the list as they get processed as long as no errors are recorded. If a error is recorded it will remain in the list with it's status column displaying the issue.

Silent Open Checkbox
Suppresses most dialog boxes while opening files

Run First Time Checkbox
Will run a macro called "FIRSTTIME" once before processing the files in the list. Allows you to set up some variables before processing files.

Save Before Close Checkbox
Saves Inventor file after processing macro

Process Hidden
Opens files invisible.  Will run slightly faster, but may cause issues with macros that do view manipulation. Also anything like oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument would nee to be changed to oDoc = ThisApplication.Documents(1)

Delete Row Deletes Selected Row from List

Clear Table Clear Table of all listed Inventor Files

No Part Removes all Inventor Part files from the table

No Assembly Removes all Inventor Assembly files from the table

No Presentation Removes all Inventor Presentation files from the table

No Drawings Removes all Inventor Drawing files from the table

Lists all Inventor files to be processed. Can be sorted by clicking on Column Headers.

Hide Form Checkbox
Hides KWiKBatchRun_64 while processing the files

Close When done Checkbox
When all macros have finished processing will close KWiKBatchRun_64 unless any of the files encountered errors.

? Button
Brings up Dialog with registration or Purchase information

KWiKBatchRun Registration

The top area will tell you how many days you have left in the 30 day trial, or inform you when the time has passed.

Settings Info Button
Will bring up a sheet similar to this page with a short description of the various functions.

Displays the Registration Request code for the machine the software is installed on.

Write Error Log
Will write some debug info to a error log file in the same directory the program is installed to. This will help me debug any issues you may have come up with the program.

Email Button
Will open the default Email client populated with the Registration Request code, and my email address.

Multi Seat Purchases
Hypelink will take you to my web site where you can purchase 6 or more seats for a discount. Please note: all prices are "PER SEAT"

PayPal image
When clicked on will take you to PayPal where you can pay for one or more seats. Credit Cards are accepted.

Save to Text Button
Saves the Registration Request code to a text file that you can email to me after purchasing.

Please don't copy clip the registration request code, as I have sometimes had issues with the code when sent after copy clipping.

Try the program for up to 30 days.
If you decide to purchase, use one of the methods to make the payment.
After making the payment email me the registration request code, and I will use it to generate a license file for that computer and send it back.
You will then save the License file to the same directory the program is installed to and the process is complete.

Download KWiKBatchRun_64 30 day Trial

KWiKBatchRun Current Version
Released 05/23/10

Purchase Page