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How to Run a Autodesk Inventor ® Macro

Short Tutorial on Loading and Running iCode

I suggest reading this for a quick reference, but Charles Bliss has made a program called MrMacro which has made it a lot easier to load and run Inventor Macros. Follow this link to his site to get it. "CBliss Macro Page"

Also in Sean Dotson's Tips & Tricks tutorial, is a short note on how to have toolbuttons for Macros.

It can be found here "SDotson Tutorials Page"

It never hurts to learn how to do it manually though, so here we go.

In Inventor go to the Tools dropdown, then Macro, and finally Visual Basic Editor


Browse to and load the (your name here).ivb file you want.

Now Switch back to Inventor and go to the Tools pulldown, and Macro flyout, and select Macros. That will open this dialog.

If the macro you want isn't showing in the top box, use the Macros in: dropdown list and go to the top choice which should be All Application Projects and Active Documents which should make all loaded macros available in the top section. Highlight the one you want to run and select the Run button.