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Autodesk Inventor ® VB Tips
by Anton Buiten

This is a collection of posts from Anton Buiten that I think people might find helpful in learning the Inventor API.

Anton works for Betagraphics in Holland

Modify Constraints

It switches constrains for selected occurrences.

It demonstrates the use of referencekeys to uniquely define objects for which there is no name or no unique naming scheme.


This procedure is developed as part of a project in which the orientation of the face in relation to the camera was important. Hope this sample may contribute to the understanding of the Inventor model structure.


Sample re-creating new sketch from ProfilePath

Doc Events

Framework for Doc Events

Assembly Occurrences

Working with Assembly Occurrences

Auto Macros

Put this part in the template directory of Inventor and you'll see two macro's fired when creating a new part from this document. These macro's are stored in module: Functions and Module1.


This sample demonstrates the collection of iFeature positions

Document Properties

A look at Document Properties


Class Modules 2

Classes part 2, Initialization and Termination of Objects


Arrays examples


Collections in combination with Arrays and Objects


Basic examples using subs and functions


Some examples why the use of PUBLIC variables should be limited to the minimum.

Comments are added to explain the reasoning


Rename Selected Assembly Occurrences example.

Source includes comments the HOW and WHY

Must be run only when an Assembly document is the active document.

Thread Data

How to determine the Start end End position of Threads.

See embeded VBA macro

Auto Export

Simple example to AUTO export IDW files into DXF

Component Visibilty

A small utility to select (sub) occurences of assemblies and Parts, and then turn them on or off.